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Hi, I’m Alistair from South Africa.
I’ve got questions and I want to check what I say and how I debate aspects of Christianity.
I have been following RZIM for the last year and learned so much. Connect looks like a great forum to be part of.
I’d like to share my thoughts and have my understanding fact checked.


Hello @Alistair_Gilfillan

You are very welcome here at RZIM Connect.
I would like to commend you for the eagerness to grow in the knowledge and love of our LORD Jesus as we share the truth of the gospel with others.

What are your questions?
Let us know, so we could figure this out together.

God bless Alistair and Enjoy this community.


Welcome, Alistair! Your post reminds me of the admonitions in the Bible to examine ourselves. This takes humility. I appreciate your humble approach to self-examination and I look forward to dialoguing with you as we grow.


Welcome aboard @Alistair_Gilfillan. It is good to have you with us and fact checking. I hope that you are able to explore and discover some of the responses to the great questions that are presented. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. There are a lot of well meaning, well read, and kind members here. God-bless you and your journey.