Hello my name is Allen and I’ve been a Christian most of my life. I am married, a father of 2, grandfather of 5, 60 and retired…

I am from New Jersey, USA

I’ve been connected to RZIM through Dr.Zacharias’ CDs, YouTube and contributions for quite a few years now. I got an email the other day in regards to sharing how Ravi has impacted my life. So here I

I hope to share my life experiences, struggles and victories with the community to hopefully encourage a few to be steadfast in these perilous times.


@AllenDeli That’s great that you wanted to leave Ravi a message, and I’m also glad to hear that you plan on getting involved in this community! It’s nice to meet you and welcome to Connect!


Welcome Allen, :smiley:

Now that is fabulous math, it looks like you are leaving a legacy yourself and with being retired, you have time to pour into your family. If I may ask, what did you retire from?

We are blessed to have you among us. If you wish to share something with Ravi, just click on this link and share. #ThankYouRavi


I was a US Postal Service letter carrier for over 26 years.



Well, please let me thank you, for every letter, :email: note, :love_letter: card, :incoming_envelope: and package, :package: that arrived safe and unscathed during your many years of service. :mailbox_with_mail:

If you should have any questions about Connect, please let us know. :tulip:

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