Hi everyone! I’m here to learn and to seek truth. :nerd_face:


Welcome, @koko8puff! :wave:t3:
We’re glad you’ve come here to look for answers in your pursuit of truth! Is there anything in particular that you’re desiring to learn about concerning truth and the Christian life? I hope you’re able to explore the many topics provided in the different categories. You can check them out through the menu bars or search icon :mag: above. :blush:


Welcome to the connect @koko8puff! Feel free to join in any conversation and even start your own as you feel led :grin:
God bless you on this journey!

Welcome to RZIM Connect @koko8puff

Welcome to RZIM Connect @koko8puff!

Same here😁 This is a wonderful place to explore some in-depth stuff in regards to God, His Word, and His ways. It is a rich and beautiful journey. My favorite categories are #bible-questions, #daily-evangelism, and #christian-growth. But there are so many more categories to explore as well!

Glad to have you.
Philippians 1:9-11