Hello Friends

Im from Costa Rica, Pura vida! Love to connect and build a strong circle of friends around the apologetics ministry. Im passionate about presenting christianity as an intelligent sound worldview who provides the answers and the consistency required for people with questions and pursuers of the truth.

I like to read, explore resources and great ministries in the apologetics field and will love to share and discuss those with you and also hear your recommendations.

Thank you and God Bless you,


I am on the same mission as you @aloaguilar20
Welcome to Connect.


Hello, @aloaguilar20 , and welcome to Connect. Pura vida, indeed! It is wonderful to hear of your hunger to know God more deeply and to share His light with others. It sounds like your friends and loved ones are blessed. Are there specific resources you have found especially helpful or questions your friends have asked that stood out?


Welcome @aloaguilar20, I love your enthusiasm and it’s wonderful to have you here. It sounds like you will be a great contribution here. I look forward to hearing more from you out here int the conversations. Take care and enjoy engaging here with us :pray:t3::blush:


Hola Alonso. Pura vida, mae! He visitado algunas veces tu país, por motivos de la organización con la que me vinculo (Christian Surfers International)
Soy de Perú y ando en la misma búsqueda de compartir el evangelio de manera articulada para nuestra sociedad moderna que nada tan lejos del Señor.
BUeno, quedo a la orden, para conversar.
Bendiciones, Aldo

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