Alumni Access to CM

Good morning @KMac, I am not sure I have been given access to the Core Module within Connect as when I connect to the provided URL, it says “Page not found” which leads me to think it has something to do with ACLs (I am a retired secadmin) so I am not sure if it is an issue of functionality or access. I am of course learning how to navigate all of the resources available to me as an alumnist as well so that is to be considered.

Thanks in advance again for your assistance.

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Hmm. It does sound like you haven’t been granted permission yet. How long ago did you request?

I think 6 days KMac.

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Thanks, @jim_drake!
I’ve split this message off to 1. not detract too much from your welcome post and 2. to hopefully get a little more visibility for your question. :slight_smile: I will also tag @Ivy_Tyson on this reply, as I believe she is still the one who grants access. (Though maybe someone else now does??) At any rate, hope we can get you sorted soon!

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Hello KMac,

Please pardon but I have not received any response on my requests for access to Alumni resources I am entitled to based in my completion of the Core Module.

If there is someone I need to contact directly, please advise. I have not received any contact that I know of from Ivy.

I would like to move past this problem and greatly appreciate your help in closing this issue.

Sincerely yours,
Jim Drake

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll see if I can get this to the attention of the correct people. But just to make sure, you requested access via the link below?

The +REQUEST button is at the top right of that page. If the button is not there, then that means you’re in.

It’s difficult for me to know exact timelines on these things as I work remotely from a different continent. :slight_smile:

Hi KMac, Thanks for your reply. The link shows the +Request button but when I click it and attempt to send a request I get a popup that says I have already requested access. I do not show up in the membership when I search on my name - jim_drake. If you could direct me to someone who is a part of the Alumni authorization that would be great. I feel like I am going around in circles. Thanks in advance for your help!

Jim Drake

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Thanks, Jim! I’ve linked our site leader to this conversation. Hopefully some answers will be forthcoming in the near future!

Hello Jim,

My name is Tyrina and I work in the RZIM Academy! I can help you with gaining access to the RZIM CM alumni group. I was unable to locate you under the user name you provide. Can you send me a email at so I locate your information?


Hi Tyrina. Thank you for reaching out.

My user name/login for Academy is .

My username when I login to Connect is “jim_drake”.

Let me know if you need any additional info.

Thanks KMac!

Jim Drake

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