Alumni Access to Islam Elective Content

Good evening Mr. Jeffers: on August 19 2020, I received notice that I completed the Islam Elective (instructor was Deborah Castellanos). I wonder, when might have access to the Islam videos as an alum. I asked Ms. Castellanos, but I don’t want to keep pestering her. Are you able to let me know? Thanks, Jeffery

Hi @Jeffery,

Have you already requested access to the Islam Elective content? It may take several days to have alumni access granted for a particular course, but I can look into this further for you. If you haven’t requested access yet, you can learn more about that process here:

Thank you for your reply. No, I have not requested access. Funny thing is I’ve never requested access to any of the classes that I have completed (Core, Science, Bible, etc.) but received notice that I qualified as an alum (I guess it was automatic). I will request access. Thanks. Jeff

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