Alyssa Gerick


I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana.

I first heard Ravi speak at the 2015 graduation ceremony at Oral Roberts University and since then his teaching has been influential in my faith walk. When I heard about Ravi passing, I started reading more about his work and discovered this community.

I joined connect because I want to be involved in discussions with others who are asking questions and trying to understand how Christian principles affect the way we live and the way we think.

I hope to contribute by asking my own questions and encouraging others by sharing my thoughts.


Welcome Alyssa!
My name is Steven, form Arizona. Though I never had the privilege to see Ravi in person, he has had a pivotal role in my pursuit of truth and ultimately The Truth!
I look forward to the contributions, questions and thoughts that are unique to you that you will be sharing with this community.
My prayer is that you be continuously poured into so that you may, through Christ, pour into others!


Welcome @Alyssagerick, so glad you joined the connect! Ravi has had such an impact on my life as well. I’m so thankful for this ministry that he followed the Lord in starting and now the blessing that what he left behind continues to be! There are definitely a lot of ways you can participate in this connect: by joining different “groups” that would discuss different topics that might be in your interests, asking questions, and sharing what God leads you to share. Also if you take a moment to encourage another new member, it helps strengthen the community and will allow you to get to know others who are seeking to know and share Christ as well. We’re glad you’re here!:slight_smile:


@Alyssagerick Welcome to Connect, Alyssa! I see you are already engaging in conversations and exploring the community—I am so glad you found us! Looking forward to your questions and your prayerful responses to others’s questions as you study, converse, and grow alongside this global community.


Thank you for the welcome! I’ve been feeling very isolated in my faith and just from spending a few days exploring this community has brought me so much joy! :slightly_smiling_face:


It is so good to have you with us @Alyssagerick. Your joy and you expressing it as been a blessing to this site already. I hope you continue to find friends and joy here. God-bless you and your journey.

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