Am i sinful for doing this?

(Kyliebaby) #1

I am drinking the charmed water, but i am afraid this is sinful for Christian. I have issues about weight gain. It is so hard for me to lose weight, so i seeked for help from a phychic uncle, is also known as a Daoist priest. He made the charmed water and put spell into it for me to drink, he said it was helpful for me to lose weight. After drinking around few litres of the charmed water that seems like containing magic i really feeling uncomfortable… i am feeling scared and my body is shaking… i am really worry, what can i do? Is that sinful? I have confessed to God for everything i did… Anyone knows about what is charmed water? A priest would burn writing which was deemed to have magical properties, and then mix the ashes with water. This water was believed to have healing powers.

(Cameron Kufner) #2

Hey @Kyliebaby ! First of all, I wanted to thank you for asking this question. The first scripture that popped into my mind was Leviticus 19:31

Yes, it is sinful to have anything to do with magic, sorcery, witchcraft, etc. Although you did not know, you can still be forgiven! We have the promise of Jesus that if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us.

To the issue of weight loss, I would consult with a doctor or your local physician. Maybe even a trainer at the gym. I struggled with weight gain from medication I was on and I needed the help of God and a trainer to even lose the amount of weight that I lost. It is possible with God and he may even send the correct doctor, trainer, or physician into your life to help you. He did with me, I’ll be praying that God does the same and grants you wisdom.

Also, because of the evil spirits you may have invited into your life through sorcery, black magic, witchcraft, etc. … pray against any and every curse in Jesus name, against all demonic forces in Jesus name, against all the powers, schemes, traps, tactics, and tricks of the enemy and the powers of Hell. We already have victory and fight from victory because Jesus won the victory on the cross. Repent of your sin and ask Christ for forgiveness is the best advice I can give.

May Christ be with you and grant you wisdom.

(Kathleen) #3

@Kyliebaby - I am inclined to be more concerned about the spiritual implications of opening yourself up to the magic rather than the moral implications of doing something ‘wrong’. There is no escaping the fact that we will do wrong things in our lives; God knows this. But the beautiful thing is that He was (and is) not content to have us remain separated from Him. He has done something for us in Jesus that we could not do for ourselves. He has come to set us free from this burden…this slavery that we toil under.

If I remember correctly, you asked a question last month about the rightness/wrongness of subliminal messages? It seems to me that you are struggling under a huge stigma…being crushed by expectations of a culture of appearance. My heart goes out to you! My dear friend, Christ has come to set you free. He does not promise worldly beauty, but he does promise soul-nourishing life, love and freedom.

Christianity is not about doing good so that you get good in return and avoiding doing bad so that bad things don’t happen to you. It’s about being loved more deeply than we could ever imagine, receiving that love, and, then being set free to love more deeply than we could ever imagine. And there is nothing more beautiful that a person who is free to be kind and compassionate. That sort of beauty is otherworldly and compelling; not the shallow sort we see sold to us in today’s world.

I am praying that you know these truths to the core of your being. Blessings, friend. :heart: