Am I waiting or wasting?

I have a question from my life and need your light on that to get me the right track.
I am 32 years old according to my documents but in reality, it maybe 30 or 31. Yet not properly settled, because after accepting Jesus I got involved in a ministry without any financial support and after two years went to bible college, got the knowledge but not certificate because I couldn’t not complete and got sick and was sent back home by principle. It took more than six months to recover me and than later I started doing the job as a computer operator but than was far away from Ministry. I was not much active in church or ministry. Means life was getting busy with job and so but spiritual life was getting diminish but there was still alarming in my life whenever I about to do anything wrong and I used to step back. Half and year after again I started to involve in ministry and church activities and I lost my job, at least I searched for a year a new job but couldn’t get but as I was involved in the church in media, I started to love that. I have been doing church media from the last three years but not as paid, only get some time gift offering by the pastor. Sorry for the long story but the question should get clear to you.
Means again I have been involved with a ministry like Media, Disciples Training, Evangelism, youth leader, and oral translator but yet not seeing my life totally settled. Means all are of my age are settled with their family and are earning good and when I see my life in comparison to them thoughts come into mind what I am doing, even didn’t get married, waiting for marriage on God. but another side I feel strongly that God will do something great in my life and he is carrying me to that. So is that fine to continue to wait or should get another track. The strong feeling what I get is that from God or my own solace to me.
Guide me to come out of this confusion.
In India, a saying is that
Fruit of patient is sweet enough but on time because if it’s getting late fruit will be spoiled.
So should I continue to keep patient and wait for the right time from God, if that still works for me or Am I wasting my time?


Hi Rakesh,

I can fully understand your dilemma. I’m too from India and I can fully empathize with what it means to be a 32-year-old guy with no job and still unmarried! Apart from God, neither I nor anyone else can tell you what is the will of God for your life. However, I can try to give you some wisdom from the Bible and from my own life experience.

In Exodus 3, we see Mosses struggling with the same issue. In fact, Moses was in a better place compared to us, since he had got a direct word from God to go back to Egypt. In verse 11, Moses asks the question who is he to go and lead Israel out of Egypt. God replies in verse 12: “I will be with you. And this is your sign that I am the one who has sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God at this very mountain.” God is saying to Moses that as of now, you go ahead to Egypt and when the entire episode is finished and you finally bring the Israelites back to this mountain, you will be convinced that God’s presence was full time with him. The principle which emerges here is that we never go ahead in life with a 100% certainty that everything will work out in our own way, but take the step in faith and when we look back, we can be very sure that it has God’s hand and not our ability which brought us success. I have heard this comment from a pastor- Rev. Peter Samuel: “Usually we want clarity before stepping into something, but Jesus says that He wants commitment now and He will provide clarity later. You have to take God at this word”.

Another point, I want to make is that God is primarily concerned with our personal relationship with Him and not our ministry or anything else we do for God. We have this wrong idea that somehow doing ministry is better than other jobs which will make God more happy and proud of ourselves. This is completely unbiblical. Be 100% sure that your relationship with God is right and there is no known sin that is hindering your relationship with God. Else, He will not be able to reveal His perfect will for you. So, if there is any such situation in your life, take care of that first before anything else.

In my own personal life, I’m battling this same issue. Although my situation is exactly the opposite. I have lot of money!! I am a Chartered Accountant, now working in the UK with very good salary and 4 family members depended upon me and I want to leave all this and go into ministry. So see, having money or not having money is not the main issue. I sometimes sincerely wish that it could have been easier if I was not very qualified and did not have a high paying job. Then it would have been easier for me to leave all things and do ministry, The same dilemma which the rich young ruler had! Over time, God has been changing my heart and with the same biblical principle which I gave above, I am now planning to take a Masters in Christian Philosophy and after completing it, move into full-time ministry.

You mentioned that you live the media part of ministry very much, so try to take any certificate course on that and then work with a Christian organization. If God has a plan for you, which He has for everyone, be attentive to Him and as the time goes on, He will reveal that to you.

Hope this helps.

In Christ,


Hello @Rhans, Thank you so much for asking and not just floundering about but seeking wisdom to help in time of need, that is very commendable. While I am not in your position those thoughts have plagued me in my life as well. Mathew Chapter 6 has spoken to me and particularly verse 33 to help me see things from our Fathers perspective.

When you used the word “settled” I think of relaxed at ease, comfortable or do you mean settled in where you are in life?

Gods plan for our life is just as important as when He created all things from the foundations of the world and His mercy, goodness and care. As you seek Him His word talks about plans in Jeremiah 29:11 and each mans plan is as unique as He is. Hope this helps ease some of the anxiousness because you are not wasting you are waiting upon the Lord as His word asks us to do.
May He reveal His steps to you as I feel you are open to follow in those steps.



Hi Sherin,
I agree with your statement below.

People feel that by joining a ministry they are doing “greater” work for God. Our life as a whole is supposed to minister to the Lord. Yes, it is great to be in Gods perfect will, whatever that may be, but sometimes it is difficult knowing. That doesn’t mean that we can’t do something else for God and be effective in that area of choice. You see, Gods manifold wisdom brings glory with all that is done as unto Him. There is the glory of preaching, a different glory of serving somebody a plate of food, yet another glory while I give money, still another glory while I bath an elderly person.
So in Christ you can’t go wrong, just do all things as unto the Lord.
But to reflect on the initial question of our brother Rakesh: if you can be patient wait for that wife God has for you, joined in the same Christlike faith as you. Marrying the wrong person can be detrimental.
Be patient and discipline yourself in your walk w the Lord, ready yourself spiritually so that you will know and live the mystery between Christ and His bride. Seek the Lord and His kingdom, and everything else will fall into position.
All the best

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Thank you for your words,
Especially for introducing Rev. Peter Samuel’s comment,
I always concern about my relationship with God and never take it too easy but again I will more ponder on this.
I have contacted many organizations but not getting any response means everything seemed closed door.

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Thank you @mgaplus4
Yes, God’s planes more different than ours.
Word settled doesn’t mean relax and easy for me but totally involved in work for the Lord. means whatever I am doing I am not satisfied with that I want to be used more and I am not seeing any way out to step out for more .


Brother @ahoyte thank you
Yes, I do agree with you that God hives more interest in our relationship with Him than a ministry and this we can learn from the life of Martha and Marry, Luke10:38-42.
Yes, I do think marriage is a thing which can build me more in Christ or can ruin me, that is not a step which will take and if not good can have back not like this. That the journey which we both have to walk together. I have kept this in my prayer.

Rakesh, thank you for the response and I as well feel that all we do is a worship unto the Lord whether it be talking about Him, working at whatever we do or serving Him wherever He has us at the time,
Collosians 3:23 in all we do, do it heartily as unto the Lord and not to men.
Your evident desire to serve Christ is a blessing to see, and I pray :pray: He will open the door for you.


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Rhans, thank you for sharing your story and your heart. I have been to India a number of times as a missionary and curious what area you are from. In answer to the above question I offer the following:

Ephesians 2: 10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
I have experienced your challenge of waiting during which I learned some wonderful things.

  1. He’s in the waiting - what we feel does not confirm what we know. God is revealing himself in your waiting and when your waiting with him you are not wasting anything. Look for where God is at work and join him. Try not to focus on things that disappoint you.
  2. You are God’s handiwork - after 30 plus years in all of the areas of ministry you mentioned and a few more I assure you he will always be making you and teaching you new things. God’s will is not an ultimatum of either or(s). Gods will is not even about what we get out of it. Gods will is an invitation to experience Him daily.
  3. Doing good works - I use to think this was an assignment from God like a ministry, but I have learned it is not. Tell the truth (even to yourself) always and do good in everything. Everyday look for good things to do to serve others (everyone and everywhere) this will lead you to favor with others and God will provide for the desires of your heart.
  4. God prepares in advance - so should we. Your not wasting your time if your preparing for the plans you hope to achieve. Plans that bring joy to you but ultimately Glory to God.

So love the Lord with all your heart and pursue Him. Speak the truth even to yourself. Stop doing what he told you to stop doing and begin doing what he told you to do. Do good, do what is right and love your neighbors doing it. Be patient but that does not mean not doing anything (that’s called wasting).

I pray that you find Jesus Christ always faithful and true… He’s in the waiting! I look forward to hearing back from you and how you are experiencing God


Thank you @RWomack for your words
These are really courageous to me.
Thank you for your precious prayer for me.
I do believe God heading me to the next level.
I am glad to hear that you are been here in India as a Missionary, I am from Punjab in the city called Pathankot.
Have you ever been here in Punjab?

Good Day Rhans.
I pray that you have had a blessed day and continue to be encouraged through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, I have been blessed to be in Punjab several times. In October 2019 I was in Amritsar and Lahore teaching. I miss the food so much. It would be wonderful to meet you sometime in the future. Keep the faith and keeping touch. Blessings to you in every way.

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Hello dear brother, it is truly a remarkable thing to know that God has a plan for every individual and even greater that He will be revealing His plan for us in due time. I am not in a perfect position to comment on how to understand this work of grace as I am more or less in the same boat, but while looking for answers I found the following sermon and it has proved very useful in looking at this question in a more distinctive way. As @sherinsame and @RWomack mentioned, it’s actually the matter of an individual’s daily walk with total trust and submission on our dear Lord.

The question I ask myself now every time I am worried about the future is “Am I ready to do what God wills from me before I ask Him of His plans from me?”

Here’s the link, hope you find it encouraging as well…

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