Amanda Boone

(Amanda Boone) #1

Hi, I’m from Lakeland, Florida.
I love Ravi and many of the speakers at this conference.
I’m looking to do God’s will for my life and I love apologetics.

(Olivia Davis) #2

Hi Amanda! My parents are both from Wildwood, FL (near the Villages) and we have friends in Lakeland. Small world!! It’s great to have you here. RZIM Connect is a great place to ask questions and learn from each other. Some have asked questions about God’s will - you might want to give those a look! I’m glad that you joined us and hope that you dive into the forums by sharing your perspectives and questions. Welcome to Connect!

(Sieglinde) #3

Hi @caboone5, welcome to connect! Ditto to what @Olivia_Davis said except I am not from Florida :slightly_smiling_face:

(Scott Dockins) #4


Welcome, sister!

I pray this forum may be a means and avenue for God’s will for your life and His Grace to overwhelm you.

God Bless.

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