Amber Lockyer

Hi, my name is Amber

I live in the South East of England, I’m married to a pastor and have two teenage kids.

I didn’t realise this platform existed until today. I already read and watch podcasts from the RZIM team and have bought Amy Orr-Ewing’s latest book on suffering. I love sharing the Gospel with people and the main reason I’m connecting here is to hopefully equip myself to better engage with some of the very good questions I get asked! I am already on a theology course and loving it. Nice to be here and thanks for having me :blush:


Welcome aboard to Connect Amber @violademarvell101. Thank you for sharing about your family and your passion for sharing the Gospel. I believe this is the right forum to discuss questions people ask and at the same time get a fuller understanding of the word of God as we delve deeper in order to answer those questions. I look forward to some exciting and enlightening discourse with you.


Welcome aboard @violademarvell101. It is great to have you joining us. Your background in ministry and bible study will be a great asset for this forum. Thank you for your heart and your commitment. So glad that you came upon this forum. You are a blessing to connect. God-bless you and your journey.


Adding my welcome, Amber.

May the Lord bless and encourage your heart as you continue growing in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord.

If you haven’t looked at the Core Module yet, I would highly recommend that. The whole course has such a beautiful focus on looking beyond the question to the questioner. Chalked full of answers to the questions, but also providing insights on why, even when someone is presented with the best possible answer, they may yet not hear and receive it.

The Lord be with you as continue to be light where you are. God bless your service to Him in sharing the gospel to those yet in the darkness.



Hi, Amber, I am new to this service too. I am anxious to know about a pastor’s wife and life in England where I hear the gospel is so limited and not broadly accepted as significant…as if England, the once strong source of it, is going so worldly and pagan. Yes?? My church is in a mall and to my surprise a Santa Claus in a wheel chair just went by the window where I do my computer work. We are in covid-shutdown mode and I use a Sunday School room here as computer space as I am involved with a rather large jail/prison ministry and do not have wifi at home so this is a special place for me. I have not been on RZIM connect long and need to do more on it. Hope to hear from you. Mike O


Hi Mike, good to hear from you. You are right about the UK, we have Christian foundations like many European countries, but since the 1960s this has slowly been eroded. Many young people now have not even heard about Jesus - I certainly hadn’t heard the Gospel unti I was 16. Your ministry work sounds great - keep up the good work!

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Not sure exactly what I wrote and sent to you, likely some info about the jail and prison ministry which is doing well and I am loving it. I hope if it increases to bring aboard a young man, ideally ex-con to assist me as the great majority of our clients are male. There are 29 state prisons in Michigan…and 28 are for men. Yikes, hey? The virus is heavy duty spreading here now and in the UP of Michigan, the Upper Peninsula of two…of about 350,000 people, we now have 10,000 cases. Last June we had 100 or less. I am 73 and cautious. Many people are careless sadly. More later.

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Hi @violademarvell101, I just read your post and I recognised your name, although I’m not sure if I’ve ever met you in person, so I clicked on your profile and saw you are from Eastleigh! I grew up in Chandlers Ford and live in Devon now. Our paths must have crossed in churches there a number of years ago maybe? I have spent a lot of time here at RZIM Connect over the last year and have found it an invaluable resource. I hope you find it really encouraging!



Hi Alison,
Sorry I’m just getting used to this platform - didn’t see your message until just now! Thanks for the lovely welcome - I’m hoping this resource will help me engage more thoughtfully with my non Christian (and Christian) friends xx