Amos Yakubu Dibal

Hi everyone, my name is Amos Dibal. I live Plateau state, Nigeria.
Since I gave my life to Jesus, I have always loved apologetics, particularly I feel the lord has called me to provide answers to the sceptics in my environment. I was glad to have been introduced to Ravi Zacharias messages by a friend and since then I have been listening to him on YouTube.
I hope that meeting everyone in this platform will help me to be of help to others.


Welcome Amos! @Amos_Dibal
So glad you’ve joined. I’m sure the Lord is using you where you are- among others who are not so sure.
It’s so neat to have this community to share and learn from each other. Be blessed!


Hello, Amos! :smiley: It is wonderful to hear of your heart for the Lord and your passion to serve others. You have come to a neat community where you have an opportunity to grow in both! Looking forward to learning more from you.


Welcome aboard! God-bless your efforts for Evangelism and truth. We are fortunate to have you with us. Let us know from time to time what we can help you with in prayer and ideas. We are with you.

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Hi @Amos_Dibal, so wonderful to have you here! I have a tremendous amount of respect for the people of Nigeria :heart: I read a lot about Nigeria through 8thirty8 and Voice of Martyrs and was honored to write to the widows there through the Orange letter campaign. I am so thankful you have joined and I look forward to your insight.