Amy cain

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Say hello…Howdy

Where are you from? Katy, Tx (Suburb outside of Houston)

What led you to join Connect? Interest in apologetics as I am a bible teacher. (and by teacher, I mean student)

How do you hope to contribute? I doubt I will have much to contribute. I seek mostly to listen and learn.

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Welcome to Connect, Amy. :smiley: May you find a welcoming environment to learn, study, and share together here at Connect. Looking forward to hearing from you on the threads.

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Welcome to Connect, @Amywagcain! We are so glad you are here. I want to encourage you to jump in to any conversation threads you find interesting. You have more to contribute than you think. You have unique life experiences and perspectives and we could most certainly learn from you. I look forward to conversing with you.


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Thanks so much for welcoming me. At the moment I would like to ask for prayer for my 21 year old son. He is a Senior at University of Texas, an honors student, a Philosophy major with a minor in Religious Studies, and as of a few years ago, a professing atheist. As you can imagine, I am heartbroken. He seems to worship at the altar of academia more and more as the days go by and in this, grow farther from light and truth. I am hoping that the 2 of us can come to the summer apologetics conference but that is undecided. He has said yes which surprised me. Anyway, this Mama’s faith is tested as I watch my son turn his back on our God, our King.

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Howdy! I love that, it made me smile :blush:
Welcome Amy.

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Welcome! Praying for you…Please feel free to add the request to the Colossians Bible memorization weekly prayer threads in the ‘Christian Growth’ category as there is a group of brothers and sisters lifting up the prayer requests together every Monday CST. May God bless your time on Connect.

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Sorry, I’m so old. How do I find the categories?

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Hi Amy

You can find the different categories on Connect by clicking on the ‘RZIM Connect logo’ or by clicking the ‘three horizontal bars’ beside your profile photo. Below is the Colossians prayer thread for this week.

Hope that helps.

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(John Wayne III) #9

Dig the Howdy comment :+1:t2:

Welcome Amy!

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(Dan Pollina) #10

Hi Amy, my name is Daniel. I so sympathize with you regarding your son. I am going through the same thing with my 16 year old son. My heart is also broken! He used to go to church with me all the time and now he has no desire to come. He says all the preachers are judgemental. In some sense, he may be right but he’s also probably feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit. All we can do as parents is to cast all our cares onto our loving Heavenly Father and trust what He has promised in His Word that He will give us the desires of our heart. I’m praying and believing for our sons now that the Holy Spirit will draw them back to Himself. God Will do this, but we have to wait on His timing. Like you said, it is absolutely a test of our faith when we’re dealing with prodigals. Always remember the parable of the prodigal son that it was the Father who ran to the child! I hope this helps you. God bless and strengthen you and me as we go through this time of testing. :pray::heart:

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