Amy Kirk

Hello all-
My name is Amy and I’m from Arizona but now live in central Washington state.

I joined Connect after hearing it advertised on the Ask Away podcast and diving deep into the world of apologetics “online”. That is to say, obsessive consumption of all things apologetics. It started with my church in Texas and introduction to Tim Keller and then finding Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM team.

I hope to contribute with a voice of one who was raised Christian but decided to follow Jesus as an adult (after stepping away for a while). I hadn’t been confronted with these hard questions until a close friend told me she was an atheist and how she was led to become one. It was the first time I heard such objections and from someone I love. That set forth a search for me and I haven’t lost any zeal or interest. I LOVE these questions. I think God has a purpose for this hunger in me, even if it’s just being able to better give a defense for the hope that lives in me. Thanks for all your insight!!


Hi @AmyK, welcome to RZIM Connect! I am so pleased that you heard about this community on Ask Away. I hope you will check out the conversations at #podcast-discussions:ask-away, or maybe join the @Interested_In_Ask_Away group to meet fellow listeners! There is so much to discuss together and I hope you will feel welcome.

Delighted that you come with a passion to learn, grow, and especially to be further equipped to share with the people God has placed in your life. I love the missional and servant-hearted motive that witness plays in your arrival here on Connect:) Grace and wisdom to you as you begin to explore and interact here, Amy.


Hi Amy! Welcome welcome welcome. So glad you are here. I love Ask Away podcast! It’s good to hear that it has impacted you as well. Looking forward to engaging with you more on Connect. It is a great resource.


Amy, I thank God for the hunger He has given you for apologetics! Central Washington seems like a good location to use it, especially with a friend who has reconverted. My sister lives in Sultan, so I’m a little familiar with your area.
May God fill you with His wisdom!


Welcome aboard @AmyK. So glad to have your energy and care in connect. Please enjoy and engage in the discussions. The members here are very well read mostly and very caring. If you get a chance to encourage a new member or somebody that might be struggling that would be great. Offer your insight to somebody’s question. We are glad that you were here. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi, Amy @AmyK :smiley: ! Thank you for joining Connect. From your photo icon it looks like you have a precious little one! Your child in time may be the most important recipient of your answer for your hope. :orange_heart: As parents, we get to (hopefully) be that first line of defense and evidence for the life-changing, sustaining power of the gospel of Jesus Christ for our children. They get the up-close apologetic of our lives, our faith lived out.

I, too, binge watch/listen to apologetics, primarily via RZIM resources, in hopes of aiding my own understanding and learning to share the good news with others coherently.

Again, thank you for joining in. I look forward to hearing your perspective in the conversations!


Welcome Amy to Rzim. We are one family here and love you