Amy Malaba

Hi Everyone

I am from South Africa, Currently pastoring a church in Joburg with Themba my husband. I have 2 children a boy and girl.

I really enjoyed the rzim course amd the conversations during that time. I would love to keep growing and learning.

My hope is that the sharing of ideas and perspectives will help others grow as I read and respond.


Hello Amy, it’s a blessing to have you here.Connect is a wonderful forum for all to learn and contribute. Thank you for sharing with us.


@AmyM Nice to meet you!

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Hi Ms. Amy,

It’s so nice you have come to join us here on connect! Yes mam, the modules are wonderful and moderators very helpful and considerate.

We all grow together and it’s a pleasure to have you with us in this ongoing learning in our Lord.


Welcome aboard @AmyM. Thank you for joining us here at connect. I hope that you continue to explore this forum and use the Academy alumni category to refresh your memory on some of the lectures that you found most interesting. Congratulations on finishing the core module. The foundations that you have from that course are so very important and so many here need to understand and have the information that you are able to share. God-bless you and your journey.

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