Amy Muller

Hi everyone!

I grew up near Windom, MN, and I currently live in Sioux Falls, SD, where I am finishing my last year of college online through South Dakota State University.

I recently registered for RZIM’s June, 2021 Emerging Apologists Program, and through that I was invited to join Connect!

I am very excited to join into the various conversations happening on Connect. Through these conversations, I hope to be challenged to think in new ways, I hope to become a better questioner and conversationalist, and most importantly, I hope that my words and interactions with each of you will be used by God to build you up and to point you to Christ.

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Welcome @Amy_Muller!

It’s great to have you here. This is definitely a place to learn new things, gain deeper understandings of the things you “think you know,”:wink: to encourage others, and to share the love of Jesus Christ. We are so happy you are here!

Truth be told, this is one place where you can bring your questions, and your knowledge, and find edifying conversations that help you grow in your faith. There’s always something new.

Welcome once again.
Grace and peace,


Hello from West Virginia Amy,

Welcome to what I believe is the best place for open, honest and respectful discussions about the bible, life issues and the many questions we are facing not only in our current time but throughout our entire life. look forward to your insight and input as you seek truth and follow Him. May you be blessed as you complete your courses and engage here with the many on this worldwide forum. Thank you for sharing with us.



Hi Amy and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. It sounds like you have a real heart for the Lord and wanting to see people grow in their love for Jesus. That is awesome that you are also doing further study in apologetics. I hope that finishing off your studies this year all goes well for you as it certainly has been a turbulent year for many involved in university courses.



Welcome to the RZIM Community @Amy_Muller!

Nice to meet you. As you have mentioned your desires, please dive in and explore this forum. It is quite the place as we all seek to know more about our infinite God of wisdom, wonder, and worship.

Glad to have you here!
Philippians 1:9-11


Hi Amy! Welcome to Connect! I am also doing the 2021 EAP program so super excited to see you and learn with you in ATL. :slight_smile:


Welcome to connect! What a coincidence about Windom, MN. . . that is where my entire family is from! Your name actually sounds quite familiar. (I’m currently in the Twin Cities area but Idaho-bound).

I’m sure you’ll love it here!


Hi @RebekahD!

That is so exciting that you will be at the EAP as well! My sister and I will be there together, and this will be our first time visiting Atlanta. If you have suggestions for things we should do/see while there I would love to hear them!:blush:

I look forward to seeing you and learning alongside you in June!



Hi @Jacqi!

Thank you for the warm welcome☺️ Wow, what a small world!! Are you related to some of the Ericksons in Windom or a different family? Idaho is such a beautiful state. What is leading you to move there?



So fun! Keep me posted on your plans and I’d love to show you around or offer suggestions :slight_smile:


Hello! I am related to the Ericksons, my grandparents are Kevin and Marjorie Erickson, Kevin is the son of Mervin and Mary Erickson. Do you happen to know Carol Vought? She’s one of my grandmother’s closest friends :slight_smile: We really felt called to move to another state and everything kind of fell in place to move there, we are not sure what we are supposed to do there but we are sure we will find out :slight_smile:



Yes, I do know Carol Vought! I grew up just a few miles down the road from her. My sister, @meganmuller316, and I took sewing lessons from her for a couple years!:slightly_smiling_face:

I am excited for you to see God’s plan unfold as you trust Him with your next steps. Was this an easy decision, where you could see God’s hand clearly during the whole process? Or have you struggled with doubting whether you were actually hearing from God?

Over the last year, I have been sorting through how I can know when I’m hearing God’s voice rather than my own. It seems He has been telling me a lot of things, and placing His calling on my heart, yet He is also telling me to wait. I still have work and ministry to do in this waiting season, but my biggest struggle has been in wrestling with the doubts that sometimes flood my mind. I doubt partly because I don’t know what my next steps are, and partly because I wonder if it is my own discontentment, rather than God, that would call me away from a place where He is so clearly at work.

This has all put me in a place of surrendering and leaning on God like never before! Whatever His plan is in the bigger picture, I trust that He is working no matter what. God is so good and faithful. As I find myself in a place of more uncertainty than ever before, I am also filled with a peace like I’ve never known before.:heart: At the end of the day, however, I still find myself wrestling with doubts that are hard to shake.:woman_facepalming:t3:

I would love to hear any wisdom you have to share (Or anyone else who may be reading this)! :slight_smile: