Amy Orr-Ewing's Devotion

For the last 2 days, Amy’s daily devotional had just been so fulfilling and meaningful. Each of that day made me fall in love with the Lord more and more.

Is there by chance Amy doing this even just once a month? A monthly devotional perhaps. I love to stay tune and support that fully. :heart:

My warmest regards, thoughts, and love to the whole RZIM team all thr way from the Philippines! TO GOD BE THE GLORY


Hey @acegonzales

Man, I can relate with this feeling! Absolutely love hearing from Amy. I’m not sure if she has plans for a monthly devotional (@AmyOrrEwing herself could probably speak better to that!) but one great way to keep up with her is via social media: instagram, facebook, or the dozens of talks she has on youtube.

Hope that’s helpful Jeira, and I bid you a very warm welcome to the AOE fan club :wink:


I think the AOE fan club has exploded over the last few days!
She really spoke to my heart and mind in the way she unpacked John 3:16 in such depth.
Today’s thought on being born again: how a birth is always through the labour and pain of someone else - not your own effort. That really spoke to me as I find I so often find myself back in a place where I attempt to work my salvation through my own efforts.