Amy Pak

Hello! My name is Amy Pak. I am from Atlanta, GA. I first learned about Ravi Zacharias from reading the Case for Faith book by Lee Strobel last year. I was very impressed in how he responded to the common difficult questions about Christianity.

I want to meet others who are wanting to learn more about God, gain new insights and learn how to respond to tough questions asked by the non-believers in my life who are mainly my family and friends, the people I love.

I hope I can participate through engaging in deep conversations about God and apologetics. I have grown up with a Buddhist background, became agnostic after marrying a Christian man in 2013 and ended up becoming a Christian last year in 2019. I still have so many questions and would love to join you all in deep, thought provoking discussions. I have several of people in my life who are atheists and I would love to gain the knowledge and confidence to answering the tough questions the best I can.


Welcome @amyp9024!

Such a great story of live! I know your approach will be helpful to build constructive discussions! Thank you for joining us :grin:



Hi Amy, :maple_leaf:

Welcome to Connect, we are delighted you have “connected” with us.

You are the reason RZIM Connect exists, :clap:t3: to help people find a safe, truthful environment to build their faith in Christ, engage with others, and learn from questions and conversations, so that you can take that knowledge and apply it in your own life situations.

We are here to help you, let me know if I can be of assistance to you. :tulip: