Andre Ifill

Hi all, I’m really excited to learn and share with the community here. I live in Barbados (Caribbean).
I joined connect because I completed the Core module course and would like access to the material for review now it has concluded.
I took that course as part of my preparation to launching a ministry focused on sharing what I received from God over the years and to bring christians together, defending what I believe seemed to be a necessary component to accomplishing this.
I however have started to go through some of the topics and they excite me, I also see the warmth of the community and I really like it and would like to be a part of it.
I expect to frequent the community to learn from all that is shared and to contribute where I can as well.


Andre, you are more than welcome, with your background I believe you will be a blessing to many. With your appetite for truth you will find much to eat, but will never get full. Thank you my friend for coming aboard.


Hi @thewalk, thank you for your inspiring, heartfelt introduction, welcome! Congratulations on completing the core module :tada:
I am thankful to hear you feel the warmth here.
If you don’t mind my asking, what was your most profound lesson in the core module? There was so much value in the course and for me in particular, the interview. Anyway, it’s great to meet you. Enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:


@sig @thewalk @mgaplus4 (and any other who read this post!)

Andre, you and I have already met but I want others to meet you in a more complete way.

To come to see the depth in this brother, please read his second to last post under the thread, “What Exactly is Prayer?” It’s a powerful summation of the topic of prayer. It’s lengthy, which scares some off but it’s worth every word and every Scripture reference!

Andre, I copied the post and plan to send to others who are interested in the subject, apart from Connect. So far, I only sent it to my wife who is not on Connect. If you don’t wish me to do so, let me know. You will hear more from me under the thread. Thanks again for such a marvelous post!


Welcome to connect, Andre. Great that you want to be part of this community!

That sounds really interesting. What kind of ministry is this? I wish you God’s blessing and that you will be a blessing to many people. Thank you very much for sharing your article on prayer with us. You have greatly enriched our community. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


Hi iDan,

Thanks for the encouragement, to God be the glory if it is helpful. theWalk is to be a teaching ministry, but has a heavy focus on unifying believers among different congregations. It will be based primarily online, more or less sharing and discussing specific topics, bible study, using the community for fellowship, strategic prayer (hence the purpose of the prayer study) among some other stuff. I just started posting a few things on social media but am reluctant to launch the website without the core content in place…

The teachings will likely be based heavily on what I learned going through the book of Matthew, been at it for about 8 years now and the teachings are primarily based on that journey, actually still not complete now at chapter 23. Ministry is close to being launched was a very interesting journey, and I think I spent too much time sitting by the way and not moving on it.


Thanks Mike for welcoming me!

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Welcome aboard @thewalk. Glad to have you joining connect. Congratulations on completing the core module. I have said before that it is such a joy to have Academy alums joining. The foundation and discussion points that the core module enables are so very good. So many members will enjoy hearing from you, especially by one dedicated to ministry such as you. I haven’t looked at the detail of your ministry but I look forward to reading your posts. And God-bless you and your journey.

@thewalk Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Connect @thewalk!

Welcome Andre.