Andrew from Louisiana

Hello all!

My name is Andrew and I’m from Louisiana and have been listening to and enjoying the RZIM Podcasts. I hope to find this to be a place that moves people towards truth, answers difficult questions, listens to different perspectives and responds with the best explanations of reality and truth. Press on! - Andrew


Welcome aboard Andrew. I’m glad you’ve joined the forum and this is the best place to meet the hopes you expressed in your message. I feel blessed for the sheer wealth of knowledge, encouragement, friendliness and genuine love for our faith that’s available on this forum. I feel like I’m growing spiritually a little bit each day just reading the posts and responses. Then every now and again the RZIM team will take questions too.
All the best as you seek answers!


Nice to meet you Andrew!

Welcome Andrew! Well, I think you’ll find Connect is all those things you hope. It has been a pleasure to interact with so many believers with different perspectives! I pray you are blessed through this forum as I have been. :blush:


Welcome aboard @Andrew25. Thanks for coming along side us. I love and hope Connect is and continues to be:

Help us continue. God-bless you and your journey.

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