Hello my name is Andrew

Where are you from? I am from Fulton, MO.

What led you to join Connect? Strengthening my walk with Christ and have healthy, constructive debate.

How do you hope to contribute? I hope to bring up valid points to healthy conversation


Hi @Andrew_Collins,

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve joined - thanks for the nice picture, too! Growing in our walk with Christ through candid conversation, encouraging one another to understand our faith better and live it out more sincerely, is at the heart of this community. I look forward to your contributions as we serve one another in love!


Hi @Andrew_Collins, nice smile :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to connect. You’ve come to the right place for healthy, constructive debate. Looking forward to your insight. I see you are a mental health technician. That has to be so rewarding and I am sure you have many inspirational stories.


Welcome to Connect, Andrew. You have come to a special community to practice those conversations at Connect, where you can take your time responding and also learn from others around the world. I’m curious- how did you find Connect?


Hi Andrew! @Andrew_Collins

Welcome to Connect…I hope you enjoy checking out the topics and categories. There are always great opportunities to learn and refine our understanding of the scriptures…and God’s love for us :slight_smile:

Enjoy getting connected!


God has allowed me to go through many different experiences and “frustrations” (though I know they were more of just teaching points for my stubborn self). I am also working on my Master’s in Social Work full-time, I am also working full-time as a Mental Health Technician mainly with children. I also have five biological children, four still at home, one step child and my wonderful wife and I are also licensed foster parents and frequently have additional children in the house.


Thank you so much for the welcome and I am very excited to join this community!!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the wonderful welcome!

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Thank you very much for welcoming me!

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