Angela Johnson

I’m from Ste. Agathe, Manitoba.
This weekend I attended Mission Fest and found out about this forum.
I wanted to join to fellowship with other believers and to be able to support RZIM.
I am excited about the work they are doing!


@AJohnson Nice to meet you!

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Hello Angela and welcome to connect
It a fabulous place to learn and grow in the Lord. Be filled with grace abundant along your path to truth.

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Good to meet you, Angela from Manitoba - I spect it’s cold outside where you are!

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It’s a balmy -12 Celsius. Not too bad! Usually we’d be around -30 at this time of year!

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I had to get Google to convert it to Fahrenheit for me - so it’s about 10 degrees in balmy Manitoba!

Well, while you’re having a heat wave, north Georgia’s suffering a cold spell - 33-34 (F) and we actually got some beautiful snow today! Shut down a lot of businesses!

But it began melting almost immediately. Still, there’s some left on the ground - at least until sunrise tomorrow!

Welcome to Connect!


Welcome aboard @AJohnson. Glad to have you with us from Manitoba. Thanks for your heart and desire to gather with fellow believers to support each other. RZIM and its ministry, and now this forum is an integral part of my faith journey as well. We can be excited together for what is being done, but more importantly get to talk about it together. God bless you and your journey.


Hi Angela, really glad you found out about Connect! I pray you’re blessed through the conversations here.