Angelique Hoyte

Hello Everybody,

My name is Angelique and I migrated from Germany to the US some 34 years ago. I have been listening to Ravi the last 5 years and in the light of this current pandemic I decided to express my verbal gratitude to RZIM.
I would like to continue in my financial support as well as speaking life and light to my fellow believers on this platform provided by RZIM. I have been tremendously blessed by Ravi and would like to “pay it forward” in any way possible.


Hello @ahoyte We extend a warm welcome to you from this Connect community. Thank you for sharing a little about yourself.

If you would like to write a tribute to Ravi you may do so here #ThankYouRavi

On behalf of him and his family, thank you in advance for your kind and encouraging words.

Please let us know how we can serve you in any way or if you have any questions.

May the Lord bless you and encourage you,
Mary Beth


Welcome to connect @ahoyte. Thank you for your expression of gratitude and your tribute. This site is very welcoming and your assistance is greatly appreciated. Will be a great tribute to this ministry to have your assistance in encouraging members and helping them walk in a gospel rich path. God bless you and your journey.


Greetings Keldon,
It is a blessing and privilege to participate in the ministry and encourage one another in the Lord.

This is my first time experience online, as I stay away from any type of electronic social exposure. So, there may be a learning curve on my part :slight_smile:

Thank you for placing trust with me.

In Christ’s love


Hello Mary Beth,

I want to thank you personally for all that you do. To see RZIM provide a platform for individuals to not only ask questions, but in turn it becomes an opportunity for us to respond to -, and encourage one another in the Lord; it is like a training ground for our faith and understanding which helps us face the world with all its challenges.
Thank you again :blush:


Welcome Angelique, :cherry_blossom:

We are most beholden to you, for your verbal and financial expressions gratitude to Ravi and RZIM.

There are many forums where you can exchange views and ask questions on a myriad of topics relating to the Bible.
Here is a welcome video to Connect, along with a selection of groups you can join to get you started in " paying it forward".

Again, thank you so much and if you should need anything, like Mary Beth said, please do not hesitate to ask. :tulip:

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Hi Roseann,
Thank you for you kind welcome. I appreciate this opportunity for fellowship and growth.
May God continue to bless RZIM with wisdom as you strategically move forward to new levels of unchartered territories.

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Hello @ahoyte It is a blessing to be a part of such a unique and humble community.

Very well said! It is a training ground for our faith and understanding. I have found it to be a safe place to struggle, be honest, and suit up. (Ephesians 6.10-20)

Our God is an awesome God,
Mary Beth

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