Angie Cherry

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Hello, my name is Angie and I’m from Modesto, California. I am 61 years old. I have been a christian for most of my life. I began watching YouTube videos of Ravi earlier this year which led me to RZIM Podcasts (I listen while getting ready for work in the morning), which led me to RZIM Connect. Through daily reading, studying and listening I have felt more drawn to God than ever in my life. My desire is to glorify God, listen and be obedient to His calling. I am so excited to find RZIM Connect and I hope to to glean and learn and grow through the connection with other believers. I feel like I’m being a total “taker” here. But I hope to have some helpful experiences and insights to share as well : )

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Thank you for this testimony! Welcome @Angiec1 *:heart:

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Welcome to Connect, Angie! :smiley: How encouraging it is to hear of your desire to know Christ more deeply. Connect is a friendly environment for us to learn and study together- you have come to the right place!

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Welcome aboard @Angiec1. Love the energy of your heart. And, take, take, take. Everyone here wants to help and many will engage. So, take advantage - your taking will be a blessing to another. God-bless your efforts and your journey.