Animals and morality

I was just wondering if the bible had anything to say on whether or not animals had morality or not. It seems to me that they do to some degree, but I don’t know.

Hi @ljhan40,

I don’t think there is a single Bible verse that indicates animals have some kind of moral values. But also the Bible doesn’t tell us everything about everything, so the discussion is beyond the Bible’s boundaries.

I just did some research about this topic and I found there are some scientific studies about morality in animals. They concluded that some mammals have some sort of moral values but at a very basic level. I don’t think this is an argument against creation by God because human moral values are lightyears far from any form of morality in animals. We recognize that moral values have validity because of our freedom to choose. People are responsible for their acts, animals don’t. We also have courts, laws, a deep sense of duty, and special care for the sick and the weak.

I hope this answer helps.

Renzo :slight_smile:

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@ljhan40. I wonder if Jonah 4:11 would at least partly answer your question. God graciously explains to depressed and angry Jonah why he should be glad for the salvation of Ninevah from judgment. God first mentions the large number of those who don’t know their right hand from their left (that would be small children) and then He mentions animals. If the animals were moral beings and capable of moral choice, I think they would not be included here.

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