Anita Alexander

Hi I am Anita Alexander. I just completed the core curriculum and I live outside of Atlanta. I am a retired research scientist and I am heart broken at the number of people that believe science and christianity are at odds. I am leading a small group on Everyday Questions and want to stay connected to this great team of believers.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute? By praying for and encouraging others. By asking for help answering tough questions.


Welcome aboard @alexanderskees. Glad to have a scientist and an academy alum here to help. Thank you. This is an awesome site. Please help those who see a rift between science and the gospel. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello, @alexanderskees, and welcome to Connect! I echo Keldon - how exciting to have someone join with a heart to meld conversations on faith and science. Looking forward to reading your posts!


Welcome Anita, I’m looking forward to hearing your perspectives from a research scientist point of view. Blessings!


Welcome to the group Anita and I will definitely benefit from your debt of knowledge and scientific background :blush: . Happy to have you and look forward to your rich posts and comments.

Grace and Peace :dove: