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I’m an immigrant from Northern Europe (at age 9) and now a granny living just outside Toronto. Let My People Think came over the radio more than 20 years ago, but just as we were getting ready for church. Yay internet! I have followed RZIM for a long time, been a Christian for 33 years, and vitally interested in apologetics during that time. When possible I’ve participated in RZIM stuff at Tyndale.

What led you to join Connect? — God, obviously. After a health crisis in 2014 from which I was miraculously saved, God has shown me he’s still got work for me. Also, News & Views arrived at my house, spring edition, finally got time to read it.

How do you hope to contribute? — Not sure. I bring various perspectives: immigrant; child of divorce; angry with God from age 12-33; returned to God age 33 with lots of questions; have sought answers through RZIM, for instance; growing in grace and hopefully wisdom; parent of 3; grandparent of 5 young ones; business co-owner; trying to be retired; artist; did I mention I’m old? And I speak both English and Finnish (not as well). Seeking to do God’s will as he brings it to my attention.

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Welcome to Connect, Anitta. It’s wonderful to hear how God has been faithful in your life. :smiley: Looking forward to hearing more from you on the threads.

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Welcome Anitta! Looks like you have a lot to contribute🙂

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Thank you Brittany. Don’t hold your breath … I’m just starting to find my way around the threads. It looks like this is a fairly new start-up. Very exciting. How fortunate you young people are to be living at this rocketing and plunging time.
Easter blessings to you

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Thank you Sig
Just getting my feet wet

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