Ann Etta Arnett

(Ann Etta Arnett) #1

Say hello…Hello everyone

Where are you from?I am from Memphis Tn.

What led you to join Connect? I heard it as an invitation to fellowship around burning questions about the faith with those who truly believe in Jesus. There are so many challenges to the Christian faith these days.
How do you hope to contribute? Sharing my questions and praying for us as a group.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Ann! :smiley: Looking forward to hearing your questions and answers. We learn and study together, hoping to reflect Christ’s love to the online world as we humbly serve each other.

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome to Connect, @love19! I’m originally from Memphis, and it will always be my hometown. How long have you been there? We’re glad you’ve joined us here, and we pray that this community will be one that strengthens and encourages you in your walk with Christ. :slight_smile: Blessings to you!

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Ann! We’re so glad you’re here! I live in Mississippi and have been to Memphis many times! Connect is a great place to explore challenges to the faith and to immerse yourself in a community of people committed to loving each other well. We are deeply grateful for your prayers! Welcome to Connect!

(Ruth Marie Romero) #5

Welcome Ann!

(Ann Etta Arnett) #6

Thank you for your greeting. I’m looking forward to sharing that love too, both giving and receiving! :heart_eyes: You can get so beat up from the world.
Peace and blessings.

(Ann Etta Arnett) #7

Hi @KMac. Glad to hear from you. I’ve been in Memphis 55 years ( well except 10 of those years when I was in Washington D.C.). I like it here. I just went back to school and I am full of all kinds of questions. I’m sure I will be encouraged and strengthened…I’m going to need it😀!!

Carey Pedde
(Sieglinde) #8

Welcome @love19. I love Tennessee :heart: My husband and I have rode our motorcycle through the beautiful landscape there many times. I have not been to Memphis yet but would love to visit.