Anndra Barrett

Hello to the world of learning!

I grew up in small town (2,000ish) Mississippi. Graduated from Ole Miss. Married my Christian summer camp co-counselor then followed him around the world (14:22.5 years overseas) for 22+ years. We are now retired and living in Texas in the Greater Houston area.

What led you to join Connect? I have been watching & listening to Ravi online for years. Now that my children are more self-sufficient, we are teaching high school Life Groups (Sunday School), & I am leading discipleship groups for high school girls, I am eager to learn how to help our young people think & discern, to find the idiosyncrasies in the public school curricula so they know how to find the truth in God’s Word.

How do you hope to participate? To be a sponge then learn how to rightly divide God’s Word.


Wow Anndra, what a precious life filled with great things. I would love to as they say have been a fly on the wall and seen it all. Perhaps you could share a testimony of praise sometime of all the escapades, adventures of seeing God move in His unique way? look for you on a thred here on connect, God bless and keep.



Welcome aboard @ABarrett! Thanks for joining us at connect. What a wealth of experience. Please share. Encourage new members. Guide as the spirit leads. God bless you and your journey.


Hi Anndra,

Welcome to Connect. God bless your heart. Indeed we have to take care of our next generation. God bless you more and more.




Welcome to Connect Anndra, :sunflower:

Oh the stories :open_book: you could share, some adventurous, :crossed_swords: some funny, :rofl: :joy: but I gather, many about God’s faithfulness.

Pouring into H.S. girls is an amazing thing to do during your retirement, they are like sponges :sponge: and I am thankful you can fill them up with the Word of God.

I would like to recommend a resource I believe will spur the girls and yourself down the apologetic path, it is called Everyday Questions . The goal of Everyday Questions is to prepare small groups to love their neighbors, while sharing their faith in a complex world.

Another resource for you personally, would be The RZIM Academy,
here is a link for that little Treasure. :ring:

We at connect, are pleased you have joined us and we look forward to your interactions on this site. :tulip:


This resource is greatly appreciated. Going to give it a look soon. I lost my dad to COVID on July 31st so I have not been online as much. I liken grief to walking through sludge. Everything takes more energy and more purpose and more time. I hope to be back to digging more deeply soon. Anndra



My deepest condolences on the loss of your father. Six weeks is still so recent in the mourning process, take your time to grieve. You will have good days and bad ones and do not feel bad when you enjoy a good day or a happy moment, that is also part of the grieving journey. :wilted_flower:

You will get back to digging in and those things that brought you joy, you are simply expelling great emotional energy, which is tapping your physical energy right now as well. Grace Grace to you.


Needed that! Why is it that we humans feel the need for permission to “out of sorts” or not on "top’ of our game? I have learned that I am a People Pleaser so your words were needed. :smile:


welcome to Connect Anndra , my mom is from Houston TX.