Hi, my name is Anne and live in Wisconsin. I joined Connect to ask help in knowing how to answer those holding the Alien theory.

I don’t know how much I’ll get on, but I recognize the need to know apologetics in general well enough to actually have answers for people who have questions. I hope to not only learn apologetics better but to articulate answers where appropriate.


@snyder.anne7 Hi Anne, so pleased you took the time to join us here and investigate your question in this community. Regardless of how much you are able to be on, we are so blessed that you chose to trust Connect as a resource as you develop your thinking on this issue. Come whenever you can: there is a community here eager to learn and grow with you through the challenges you encounter in life and culture.

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Hello Anne, Hope you are doing well and this is a great place to grow and learn from many who have found this a tremendous helpful site filled with respectful answer and challenging questions. May your journey be filled with joy and peace.


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