I’m from Manila, Philippines and I’m so happy to join Connect and learn more about our one true God for a much deeper relationship with Him.


Hi @tonicacho,

Welcome to Connect. Glad to see a fellow southeast asian on Connect.

Blessings in Christ,


Welcome aboard @tonicacho. This is the place. Knowing God in a deeper way is awesome. In what way would you say you would like to him deeper? Ask questions. There are so many well meaning and well read members that your goals can be easily attained. Bless you and your path.

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Hi Annette! @tonicacho
A warm welcome to you :slight_smile:
So glad you’ve joined.
Enjoy checking out the site!’ll find many great topics and conversations in the forums.


Hi @tonicacho, love your name, welcome to connect :heart: I trust you will learn a great deal here. Browse through the various topics and feel free to offer your thoughts.

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Thanks for your warm welcome! God bless you.

Thanks For your warm welcome Sig. You are so sweet.
God bless you.

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Thanks for your warm welcome Keldon. I want to know God more by learning from you all in RZIM.

God bless you all.

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Thanks for your warm welcome Roy! God bless.