Announcing the RZIM Store!

Shalom Carson, I have received the email confirmation to my sign up for the store.

However, I still receive this message when I tried to log in ‘ YOUR EMAIL OR PASSWORD IS NOT CORRECT. PLEASE LOGIN WITH YOUR RZIM CONNECT ACCOUNT, OR SIGN UP. ‘

Can you please help me?

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Hi Faith, I will report this issue to our developer and ask for his assistance.

Perhaps try resetting your password? That might help you have confidence that you have the right password for your account. You will have one account for both RZIM Connect and the RZIM Store.

Thank you so much for your help Carson beloved.

When I signed up, I used my RZIM connect username but a message said wrong username n I was prompted to use my email address. So I did as I was told. It would really be so cool if I can use one user name for both RZIM connect n the store.

Will await your reply.

You have a blessed day in The Lord, bro. Hallelujah.

Hi @faithjleesk, did you try to reset your password?

The one that I used for the new sign up? No I didn’t. Should I?

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for your patience and participation (@samshankar I’m sorry again for the mix up with the call).

I’ve just set up a new “logging” system so I can more specifically understand what’s happening in each of your cases. @samshankar @KVLam and @LukeShori Could you possibly give the store another go? The logging system will pick up the specific error you’re each getting.

@faithjleesk I think your issue may be a different one. Could you try resetting your password for the new account you created? Let me know how you go with that.

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Hi Angus, I’ve tried to initiate a purchase and the same problem as before is persisting. When I initiated a check out, the page reverts to another page with a prompt “CLICK TO CONTINUE”
When I click the page refreshes back to the same prompt.
I am using my android hp.

Thank you and God Bless


Thanks Angus
Tried again
Tried resetting password too
Same problem - it keeps looping back from
Click to Continue
Looing up your details… Hold Tight… Looking up your details… Hold tight
then back to Click to Continue

Not sure if that helps



@KVLam Kay-Vin, your issue seems to be an account issue.

I’ve removed your existing store account so you can create a fresh one using the same email. If you visit the store and attempt to purchase anything, or click on the account icon in the top right (it looks like this Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 9.31.43 AM) you will be prompted to login or create an account.

Please create a new account using the same email. That should address the issue for you. Please give that a go and then send me a private message here on connect once you’re done. Thanks again.

@LukeShori Luke, I’m less confident in your case, however as your issue is presenting in the same way, I’ve also removed your store account. Please also sign up with the same email and give it another whirl.

Thanks for your patience both of you, this is very helpful.


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Thank you Angus. Yes, I will go into the store n change the password. Will update you about the status.

You have a blessed day, bro.

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Shalom Angus, I have just gone into the store to log in with my email add n then clicked on the ‘forgot password’ box.

A message immediately popped up n it said it has sent me an email to reset my password n I went to my email to check but there wasn’t any in my inbox n my spam box.

5 mins have lapsed but there wasn’t any email about resetting password.

I did the ‘forgot password’ twice but I didn’t receive any email on resetting of password.


Thank you so much Angus for your help.

Yes! I could reset my password n I got into the store to add 1 item into my cart.

It is a success! Hallelujah.

Lord bless you mightily , bro n He keep you n your family safe under His wings. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Hi @angus,
Yipeeee…it worked. Made all the way to checkout and payment. That’s a lot further than earlier. It works great and the layout and speed are superb. Nice store.
God Bless


YES it worked
Sent you PM as requested


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