Another serveant of God,and of his Son Jesus Christ

Say hello…hey people,im john

Where are you from?from serbia

What led you to join Connect?what led me was,love for my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our God,i thought this is the place where i could try searching for them,and connecting.

How do you hope to contribute?by giving answers to questions from biblical,Christian perspective to those who ask,also id like to contribute to the body of Christ not only by providing answers to questions,but also by comforting by the words of truth ,and showing love to the people who need it ,and by OPPOSING people who are opposing Jesus Christ,by his Holy Spirit,and reason he had given me by his grace.thats how i would like to contribute,that is if it is in Gods will.


Welcome to Connect John! We are blessed to have you join us and your input to the conversations in this forum will be greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy your time here. God bless you brother! :blush:


Welcome, @John_Christian!

Welcome aboard @John_Christian. Thank you for coming alongside us here at connect and offering your support and commitment as a Christian soldier. I hope you are able to reach your goals and that you enjoy the conversations that you get to have here. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @John_Christian, welcome to connect. Thank you for your heartfelt introduction :heart: I trust you will be a blessing and will also be blessed as you engage here. We all need truth, love and comfort. I look forward to any insight you may have in the conversations.
Enjoy browsing and please take care :pray:t3:


i was wondering if there is maybe archaeological evidence or evidence of any kind for that event described in the bible,when philistines took israelite ark of the covenant and brought it in their country,and then God gave them a hard time…remember the story?is there any evidence for this,archaeological or whatever?

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@John_Christian Nice to meet you!

Hello John, yes my friend you have surely found a great place to show forth the love God has placed in your heart when Jesus came into your life. Recieved and given as we grow in Christ and share wisdom with our new family. Blessings from above, peace and security in these troubling times.