Answers to Social Unrest in Jesus Among Secular Gods

As I read Jesus Among Secular Gods, I get the crazy feeling it was written in 2020 with the current unrest and violence in view. A paragraph on page 14 captures it well.

Ironically, the protestors protesting the candidates themselves resort to injurious means. But what is obvious is that statecraft has become soulcraft, and a nation that formally wishes to deny God finds its imperatives in a deadly mix of conflicting worldviews and hate-laden words on a path to power. What has happened? The answer is clear. The discussion in the public square is now reduced to right or left, forgetting there is an up and a down.

  • Is the general public looking to the government to do what only God can do?
  • What deadly mix of conflicting worldviews are we facing? Are secular worldviews clashing with each other, or is a secular worldview clashing with a religious worldview?
  • Do secular worldviews offer a foundation for the equality and justice we desire?
  • How can we diffuse the anger and promote civil conversation?

Even though this question is prompted by the unrest in the United States due to the death of George Floyd, I welcome input from my brothers and sisters around the world.

  • What social conflicts are you facing?
  • Has anything in Jesus Among Secular Gods given you ideas to address these conflicts?
  • What quotes from this book seem particularly relevant as we seek a path forward?