Anthea Lutchman

Warm greetings from South Africa to everyone.
I just recently completed the core module, loved it , loved the interaction and especially the content. Looking forward to growing as we connect.


Hello @princessjarr2804 from South Africa, welcome! I trust you will find this a welcoming environment to continue growing and learning. What helped you the most in the core module? I know it helped me get through conversations with atheist without feeling so defeated.
Hope to see you around engaging in the forums :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Anthea! @princessjarr2804
So glad you’ve joined…I’d love to visit South Africa one day!!

I also took part in the Core Module …you’ll find this community to feel very similar to the forums in the course. Such a great place to learn and encourage one another :slight_smile:


Hi Sig

Great to make your acquaintance.
I think I enjoyed the 3 principal criticisms against apologists - it opened up my heart and challenged my thinking as to where people are in life and that each one has a story.


Thank you Heidi, Im excited to network with Christians across the globe.
You will love South Africa :slight_smile:


Hi Anthea! I’m always happy to see another Academy alum join us! This is a great place to keep expanding and growing in a community that challenges and loves each other well. I will see you on the forums :slight_smile:


Thank you Olivia, glad to make your acquaintance. Im looking forward to this new season.


Welcome aboard @princessjarr2804. Always so glad to see another Academy alum join in the cause. The training and understanding that you have will certainly be and he blessing to those on this forum. Participate as you are available. Thank you so much. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thank you Keldon, Warm greetings to you, I’m so pleased to meet you lovely people.
Much Grace and Blessing to you too…