Anyam Ngusha

I’m from Nigeria. I joined Connect because I would love to be in a place where ‘difficult’ life questions get to be answered in a Christian way. I hope to be active in both answering and asking questions. I think I’ll do the asking more.


Hi @ngushaanyam1810,

Welcome! We have many other from Nigeria who have joined this community. I know that @WorshipGod can give you a warm welcome!

Please do ask some of your questions! We have many Categories for all kinds of questions. We receive each question as a gift. Your questions will prompt us to pray for you, to read the Bible, to study, and to think how we can respectfully and helpfully answer you - and your question. What an opportunity that is!


Great to have you @ngushaanyam1810

I thank God for your life and how you have come to decide joining the Connect family.

I encourage you to go through the enormous resource, Ask your questions and make your contributions.

Feel free to join the conversation always
Grace and Peace.


Welcome aboard @ngushaanyam1810. Thank you for connecting with us. This site is truly a space where help is very available for the ‘difficult’ questions. And, more importantly to deal with responding in the Christian way as you suggest, i.e. with gracious and attractive discourse and dignity/respect. I hope this forum meets your expectations. Please provide feedback. God-bless you and your journey.