Anyone know of materials for an apologetic ESL discussion group

I’m looking for a particular type of conversational ESL apologetics study.

I’ve been leading conversational ESL studies for a few years with a church-based ESL program.

One church asked a friend and I to create a series of conversational Bible studies for ESL students. We did this, using a mix of stories from the O.T. and N.T. to cover themes we thought might interest Newcomers. We’ve been using this for a few years now, and a few churches in our area have picked it up as well. (If anyone would like to use any of these studies, we post them on a regional Christian ESL website. All the materials are free of charge and users are free to modify the studies to suit their purposes. Our website is being reconstructed right now so I can’t post its address.)

Why I’m writing is that I would also like to do a series of studies with an apologetics approach. I would need such a study to cover topics that I see on RZIM. They would have to be short studies (about 800 words or so) and studies for which one could create a series of questions. Typically for the other studies we’ve done a series of Basic Level comprehension questions (vocabulary, basic concepts from the story, etc.); re-telling the story from pictures; and a series of Discussion Questions at the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced ESL levels.

If such studies already exist, I would need to be able to modify them to suit my students (e.g. make the English simpler, add in questions relevant to their backgrounds, add more visuals, add in a translation of some words and expressions into Chinese, Korean, Farsi).

So before I take on the task of trying to create such a study, does anyone know if such a study already exists, and if so how do I get hold of them? Has anyone else tried to create such a study?