Apologetic book recommendations

Hello, I am currently reading making sense of god by Tim Keller. I’m not sure what I should read after that though. There seems to be so many good options. If you would please leave apologetic book recommendations that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @anon7556047,
This is a delightful question because I love to recommend books. However, I am not sure what kind of apologetic books you are specifically looking at. I am assuming that you are looking at those that are broad in scope and looking at the reasonableness of faith in general. With this assumption, here are my recommendations.

C.S Lewis - Mere Christianity, The Screwtape letters, Miracles (Classic)
Francis Schaeffer - The God who is there, Escape from reason, He is there and He is not silent (Classic)
Lee Strobel - The case for Christ, The case for faith
Ravi Zacharias - Jesus among other Gods, Can man live without God, Escape from reason, The real face of atheism, Beyond opinion

I would suggest that you start with Lee Strobel or Zacharias since they are more contemporary, but you cannot go wrong with C.S. Lewis either.


Ok thank you I will for sure check this out. Sorry for being a little vague i just wanted to cover a broad scope as you said. Thank you so much!

Hello @anon7556047

I would like to suggest these apologetic books:

If you want contemporary and general apologetics:
1.) Can Man Live Without God? by Ravi Zacharias
2.) Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias
3.) Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi Zacharias & Vince Vitale

If you want pure philosophical and evidential apologetics
1.) On Guard by William Lane Craig
2.) Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
3.) The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

But, Timothy Keller also has a good book of apologetics entitled, “The Reason for God.” Kinda apologetics with pastoral approach.

I hope you consider these!
Thank you.

“The Logic of God,” & “Jesus Among Secular Gods” by Ravi Zacharias and “Cold Case Christianity” by J.Warner Wallace as well as those books recommended before.

Am copying this list… Thank you!

Hello @anon7556047 and thank you for your question. In the link below you will find a list of different topics. Within each category are videos and / or recommended reading material.


This next link has loads of information. Many of the authors I am unfamiliar with, but many familiar names as well.

A link to a similar question from a previous discussion.

Two days ago in my email, I received a recommendation for a book from Worldview Bulletin. The last few sentences in his review were so interesting, I ended up ordering the book.

Another book—more along the lines of Worldview Bulletin reader expectations, I think—is Tom Gilson’s Too Good To Be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Identity Reveals His Reality (DeWard). Tom is an author, speaker, blogger at Thinking Christian , and editor of The Stream . Though he had read the Gospels plenty of times, Tom decided to read them with new eyes—in light of “what Jesus didn’t say , and what he didn’t do .” This fresh perspective Tom focuses on notes something we often take for granted about Jesus: his astonishing presumed authority; his poise and decisiveness of thought and action; his character that reveals a stunning integrity and profound spirit of self-sacrifice; his uncontested brilliance of intellect and wisdom; his use of supernatural power for the benefit of others rather than for his own advantage.

Hope these are helpful. May the Lord equip you for His purpose.

I just finished Has Christianity Failed You? by Ravi Zacharias and it’s transformative as well as informative. I don’t know if it will count as apologetics book but these are answers to those who are dealing with suffering and doubted God.

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