Apologetics/evangelism at work

(Al) #1

I was visiting with one of my clients today and the topic of why Christianity is different from other religions. I asked her what she thought the difference was. After some stumbling and vague comments, she asked me for my opinion. I referenced Philip Yancy’s book “ what’s amazing about grace” and shared the comment that only Christianity offers grace as the differentiator. We don’t have to work for “credits” vs “debits”. We just have to accept the gift of grace.

This was a new concept to this client even though she knew the hymn “amazing grace “ from having sung it at a community funeral recently.


(Roy Sujanto) #2

That’s beautiful to hear @adyck. His grace and love sets Him apart from other gods indeed.

Blessings in Christ,

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #3

Thank you for sharing your experience. I love that about this site. Seeing the light come on for those struggling is really a blessing, isn’t it? God-bless you.

(Heidi Mitchell) #4

What a great opportunity, Al @adyck!
Wonderful that you had something so helpful to offer her - this concept of “grace”. I would imagine she has a lot to think about now…grace from a God who loves us, and how that applies to our lives.
Thanks for sharing!