Archaeological Evidence for the old and new testament

I am very interested in the Archaeological evidence that supports scripture, but I have a hard time finding good material on this subject. Does anyone know where I can start?


Hi Samuel. Like you, I’m interested in this area but haven’t known where to look. However, I have been reading ‘On the reliability of the Old Testament’ by K.A.Kitchen. I haven’t read it all yet (it’s quite a hefty book) but it is fascinating. Kitchen uses archeological finds to challenge critics and affirm the truth and reliability of the Old Testament, showing that people, places and events mentioned in the text were real. Well worth a read. I would be really interested in hearing of a similar book for the New Testament if anyone can recommend any.

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Hello @smacint1

I would like to recommend you The Popular Handbook of Archeology and the Bible by Norman Geisler

It is both giving archeological evidences and facts on Old and New Testament’s Scripture and History.

I hope you consider this!


Try this link American Schools of Oriental Research or this link Biblical Archaeologist. These should get you started.