Archeological Evidence for the ark and exodus?

Hey, wasn’t sure what subject to put this under. But my question is about archeological evidence for the flood and the exodus.
I’m just wondering if there is any validity and confirmation on the ark and chariot wheels.
I remember a video from a man named Ron white I believe who claimed he found the ark.
And I also heard that they have explored the Dead Sea and found chariot wheels. But I don’t know how to confirm this stuff. Thanks for any info


Hi Adam!

Great questions! If I could get my guardian on here she has lots of information! She had a video from several years ago where the geologist and egyptologist were in heated debates about the damage to the Sphinix. Geologist were fighting for water damage, placing it around the time of the biblical flood. It’s hard to find that information now. Let me know what you dig up! hahah pun intended.


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Hi Adam,
i think the guy you are thinking of is Ron Wyatt; who claimed to have found the site of the ark, but seems to be it’s been rejected as not substantial. It seems it was also Ron that claimed to have found the chariot wheel marks at the bottom of the Red sea (not the dead sea).

Here is an article regarding Israel’s escape from Egypt with some thoughts on the crossing point.

regarding a global flood; you could take a look at either or the resources on as well.

I hold to the global flood position; but am quite happy to discuss or read about the alternative view point other Christians have on a local flood - this is the best way to learn; to look at both sides of an argument or discussion.

My understanding is the young earth position, generally holds to a global flood; and the old earth position may generally hold to a local flood? sweeping generalizations normally get me into trouble. :laughing:

was there anything in particular that was concerning you or causing doubt to your faith, or is your question just more of a discussion and finding some points of interest? Seemed to be just a general interest type post. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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Hey thanks. I will check out those articles.
No concern with my faith. Was just curious if there was confirmation on those.
I have seen “patterns of evidence” and recently listened to Steve Meyer and Titus Kennedy. On some really good evidence for the exodus. Which was fantastic.

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Hi Adam. I can relate to your pondering of these events. My first efforts in uncovering tangible “evidence” also lead me to the field of archeology. However, I quickly came to the conclusion that that archeological discoveries often times are supporting evidences rather than the lynch pin of proof. So I broadened my search looking into many sciences leading with cosmology, geology and all the ancient writings from the ancient world when these events might have taken place. The events of the flood and of the exodus were world wide cataclysmic events and this is supported through the above sciences and writings I referred to. I would like to introduce here a couple of starting thoughts that might be beneficial to your search. God chose for his reasons and pleasure to reveal Himself through a specific people group. So, of course, the Scriptures that tell of these events were the experience of just one specific people group. This in no way translates into isolated locations of occurrence or human experience. Also, as you already know, the Bible is not a history book of mankind as a species, though replete with historical facts that give splendid validations of historical truths to the discredit of more than a few theoretical science proclamations that simply are not supported by known facts from these sciences. A couple of big examples of this is evolution, which remains only a theory to this day though first introduced by Aristotle and also the theory of gravity which has been tagged with the name the “law of gravity”. I have been digging into this personal expedition for many years now and I have some excellent resources I could share with you if you are interested in delving into your expedition deeper. I believe God gives us the desires of our heart that are good and pure and I believe it is He who put in me the desire to understand just what in the world has happened to this world and the human experience that accompanied. Short answer: though there may not be verifiable archeological discoveries in terms of artifacts found, the following provides more than enough credible and proven evidences to securely come to the conclusion that the particular events you mentioned did indeed occur and that the descriptions of which are recorded in Scripture are accurate in accordance to the particular people group’s human experience. The disciplines that I have studied, though far from an expert in any, are: geology, anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, classical studies, Egyptology, theology, psychology and also in theory of science. The answers are hidden and a careful unbiased approach must, without exception, must be practiced. You will be sifting through a lot sand to coin an archeological saying, but you will soon marvel at the complete truth of God’s Word. May God bless you and lead you through your intellectual expedition of evidential support of Scripture.