Archeological Evidence for the ark and exodus?

Hey, wasn’t sure what subject to put this under. But my question is about archeological evidence for the flood and the exodus.
I’m just wondering if there is any validity and confirmation on the ark and chariot wheels.
I remember a video from a man named Ron white I believe who claimed he found the ark.
And I also heard that they have explored the Dead Sea and found chariot wheels. But I don’t know how to confirm this stuff. Thanks for any info


Hi Adam!

Great questions! If I could get my guardian on here she has lots of information! She had a video from several years ago where the geologist and egyptologist were in heated debates about the damage to the Sphinix. Geologist were fighting for water damage, placing it around the time of the biblical flood. It’s hard to find that information now. Let me know what you dig up! hahah pun intended.


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Hi Adam,
i think the guy you are thinking of is Ron Wyatt; who claimed to have found the site of the ark, but seems to be it’s been rejected as not substantial. It seems it was also Ron that claimed to have found the chariot wheel marks at the bottom of the Red sea (not the dead sea).

Here is an article regarding Israel’s escape from Egypt with some thoughts on the crossing point.

regarding a global flood; you could take a look at either or the resources on as well.

I hold to the global flood position; but am quite happy to discuss or read about the alternative view point other Christians have on a local flood - this is the best way to learn; to look at both sides of an argument or discussion.

My understanding is the young earth position, generally holds to a global flood; and the old earth position may generally hold to a local flood? sweeping generalizations normally get me into trouble. :laughing:

was there anything in particular that was concerning you or causing doubt to your faith, or is your question just more of a discussion and finding some points of interest? Seemed to be just a general interest type post. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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Hey thanks. I will check out those articles.
No concern with my faith. Was just curious if there was confirmation on those.
I have seen “patterns of evidence” and recently listened to Steve Meyer and Titus Kennedy. On some really good evidence for the exodus. Which was fantastic.

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