Are all creatures designed by God? If so, how would that explain adaptation?

As I was exploring through bits of facts about our natural environment, specifically God’s creatures, change is a true event that is on going with in animals, even humans, through adaptation (As Ken Ham mentioned in his Noah’s Ark defense and Evolution. Link:,

If that is so, can we say God designed each and every human living creature despite letting the world change their genetic structures? or God take the credit of it because He designed His creatures in such a way to adapt to their environment?


Good question, @davidjblazo. I’d go with your second conclusion. God very foresightedly designed creatures with the ability to adapt to changing environments. That is, He included within the genes of each species the ability to produce offspring with a wide range of characteristics that would enable some to survive even the harshest of conditions.

For example, the two dogs that left the ark would’ve had the ability to produce puppies with short, medium or long hair. As their offspring spread northward into Europe and southward into Africa, climactic conditions would enable some offspring to thrive and others to decline. The further north they migrated, the better the longhaired offspring would fare. Those with short or medium hair would either turn south or die - taking their short and medium haired genes with them.

Eventually, the northern dogs would become depleted of short or medium haired genes. If the climate ever shifted so that the northern regions became hot, these long haired breeds would not be able to readapt because the genetic richness of their parents would be lost.

A similar process would also take place with the short haired southern dogs.

Of course, these would not have diverged into two completely different kinds of animals, because you could always mate a northern dog with a southern and re-enrich the next generation all over again. The fact that they could mate at all shows that they are both still dogs.

Now this highlights a key difference between evolution and adaptation. Evolution depends upon the creation of entirely new and benevolent DNA which had not existed in the parent genes. Adaptation occurs when there is a loss of old DNA that no longer appears in the genes of the descendants.

So I would side with your conclusion that God gets the credit for designing creatures with the ability to survive in what He foresaw would become a fallen world.

I hope this helps you with this question.


I agree with brother James @jlyons. God in his limitless power, wisdom, understanding and foreknowledge created mankind as well as animals and plants with the ability to adapt to climatic and environmental conditions. People of different races and geographical locations have different skin colors. Their heights also vary.

I would also like to give an example of how God has taken everything into consideration in His creation. The creation story doesn’t mention how rainfall will water the dry land and the forests. God created the Sun and the seas. The heat of the Sun causes the evaporation of the water of the seas. The water vapor turns into clouds and condenses into tiny water droplets as it cools down in the higher altitudes of the atmosphere. The water droplets join each other and grow. When they get heavy, they fall down as rain. This precipitation becomes snow and turned into ice in the cold mountain peaks. Thus we get water from the rivers during the dry seasons due to the melting of ice in the mountains.

Psalm 147:5
Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.


@jlyons @SelieVisa Thank you so much for your feedback and answers for it made my thoughts clear on this topic. God is just so amazing! I can’t help but be in awe of his foreknowledge on his amazing creation and how he took it consideration this occurrence before doing so. It make so much sense now when I explored different kinds of creatures in my pass time. God bless you both! :smile:


Very nice new picture, @SelieVisa!