Are all lies considered a sin?

Are all lies considered a sin? Even if it means saving someone else’s life or an outcome which greatly benefits everyone.


Lieing is a heart condition
If you (I) lie because you are pkanning a surprise party for someone, dibt bekieve this is a lie.
If you (I) lie because you are Hiding the Truth because you don’t want it to be revealed, I would say the lie is part of the untruth you are hiding, s9 in this case that kie would be a sin.
… In my life, I used to lie to cover up a lie … And if the lie is across many different people groups, … Ket me just say it is DIFFICULT to keep up with what I said to whom. *it was sooo freeing when God convicted me,to juat tell the truth, even when it hurts, and I surely was tested, when I lied to my boss one day… To cover up not only why I wasnt where I was suooose to be, but an excuse that never REALLY happen (these wee sins… Bc I was stealing from my employer)… When The HS said, now go to your boss that you just lied… I figured I was going to be fired…
I did tell the truth.
I did ask my boss to forgive me, thankfully she was a Christian.
She said Thank you and lets not do that again. Stay on schedule!
I wanst fired and from that day on … I have told the truth… Because it is So easy to remember what I said to someone, because it is the truth.

Hope that rambling helped… ~ jeff

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Great question. I heard a great podcast about this on Ask Away. I think you will benefit greatly from it :pray:t3:


Thank you both so much. God bless you.