Are dinosaur's fossil records Biblical?

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How can we address the issue of dinosaurs Biblically…

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@New_Kiratu_Joseph There is a short answer and long answer to your question. The short answer is that God has given us 2 books - the Book of Scripture and the book of nature. Fossils are part of the book of nature and the Bible affirms that God created all things, so yes, fossils are Biblical in the sense that they are part of God’s book of nature.

However, the longer answer relates to the issue of how we interpret the fossil record. There are a lot of issues that come into play here, such as:

  • how to interpret Genesis 1
  • does Job describe dinosaurs?
  • the age of the earth
  • animal death prior to the fall
  • the accuracy of radiometric dating of fossils

I would highly recommend checking out John Lennox’s book “Seven Days that Divide the World”. I’ve also provided some other resources below that you may find helpful. Feel free to ask any follow up questions and keep the discussion going.

Interpreting Genesis 1

Dinosaurs in Job

The three main views of the Behemoth and Leviathin in Job 40-41 are that they are:

1 - dinosaurs
2 - alligator and hippopotamus (or other creatures living at that time)
3 - metaphorical descriptions

Here Hugh Ross argues for the second view and discusses dinosaurs:

Age of the Earth

Death Prior to the Fall

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I would recommend “Is Genesis History” on Youtube.

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Thanks very much for the assistance.

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@New_Kiratu_Joseph Sure thing - do you have any follow-up questions or opinions / thoughts on what you read/saw? It’s a lot to think through.

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