Are Muslims allowed to kill Christians according to the Qu'ran?

Hello SenemEkener,

My question is about Islam. Most times when its brought up that Islam orders the killing of Christians, Jews, and apostates it’s said by Muslims thats it’s only in times of war or that those verses have been abrogated. Is this true and if not how can we prove that they aren’t?

Some examples would be Surah 9:73, Surah 9:29, Surah 9:111, and Surah 5:51.


Hello Luna, Thank you for your question.

These verses are a big challenge for our Muslim friends as they openly command not building friendship, promote fights, etc.

This issue comes up quite often as we live in a Muslim majority society in Turkey. Only recently, in a conservative town in the middle of the country, there were billboard ads quoting Surah 5v51 directly in big posters, simply promoting hatred towards people of other faiths. This verse was specifically chosen and purposefully posted on the billboards. The islamic foundations which had their names on the posters would not really care if we are in times of war (which we are not), nor they would assume these verses were abrogated.

Many Muslims had to openly criticize the Islamic foundations which sponsored the placement of such ads at bus stops and apologize on social media platforms. But I also believe this has caused many self declared Muslims to question their faith and confront what is written in their book. These verses are still considered as serious commands to many fundamentalist Muslims.

When it comes to explaining these verses, there are always different ‘interpertations’ or ‘tafsers’ our Muslim friends ask us to consider. Also, when the issue of abrogation is offered for consideration, there are many other internal problems we need to discuss further. I’d also suggest that you also check when and where the Surah is revealed to the prophet and what events were actually taking place around the same time.

We as RZIM Turkey have written and posted a reply article after the said posters appeared and shared it on our social media accounts, explaining the vast contrast with Jesus’ love message and the gospel.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: