Are there different levels of hell

Hey, does anyone have some verses to point to that might indicate hell has different levels of punishment? When I was younger I believed every one who didn’t come to Christ went to hell and experienced the same outcome. But that does not really seem correct to me. I can’t imagine someone who helped the homeless or just lived a fairly moral life but didn’t accept Christ going and receiving the same outcome as say hitler or Stalin. I believe some things Jesus says indicate it will be different is when he says woe to you scribes and Pharisees for your judgement will be worse than sodom and Gomorrah, something like that. Any insight would be great. Thanks


@Alive_In_Christ Great question :slight_smile: It is clear from Scripture that there are indeed varying degrees of both reward and punishment. However, the entire topic of “Hell” will require some study to understand more deeply. I recommend the following to get started.

A few summary points:

  1. God will judge each person according to the knowledge they possess - the judge of all the earth will do what is right
  2. It is not clear that Scripture teaches eternal torment for those who reject Jesus - it is possible that after they are judged by God they will cease to exist - this view is called conditionalism

Within historic Christianity, there are 3 views of how God ultimately handles sin. The three views of how God handles sin ultimately are:

  1. Eternal torment - some form of eternal suffering or separation from God
  2. Conditionalism - those who reject God are judged and then cease to exist
  3. Universalism - sin is real, but all people will eventually be brought to repentance
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