Aren & Dajana Zweistra

(Aren Zweistra) #1

Hello everyone,

Our names are Aren & Dajana Zweistra. We are professional photographers and filmmakers! We are accepted to study at OCCA in the upcoming year! We are looking forward to join the RZIM family.

Where are you from? We are currently living in the Netherlands but will move to Oxford in September 2019.

What led you to join Connect?
We want to socialize and connect with, learn from, and bless and being blessed by our future community.

How do you hope to contribute?
We hope to offer our profession as photographers and filmmakers to be a service.

With Love,

Aren & Dajana

(Amy Renee Holland Hendrix) #2

Greetings to you Aren and Dajana, Delighted you have joined. I have friends that are professional photographers, actors, models. Some that are not only have acted professionally on stage and instruct others in acting, but have had supportive roles in major movies. These are people I am committed to praying for, not just them but also their friends and associates. I believe the connections here will better equip me in conversations with them. I am an artist and one of my favorite mediums is photography. Am so excited for you and your upcoming year!

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome to you both! It’s so good to have you join our community here on Connect. :slight_smile: Also, looking forward to having you join the OCCA community later this year! I pray that that 9 months will be a deep blessing in your lives, as it was in my own. Where in the world are you coming from?

(Brittany Bowman) #4

Welcome to Connect, Aren and Dajana. :smiley: It is wonderful to hear of your heart to shine Chirst’s light through your photography and filmmaking. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

(Heidi Mitchell) #5

Hi Aren and Dajana! @ArenZw
What a great ministry you have! I’m sure your gifts will be a blessing to many.

(Brian Fritz) #6

What does OCCA mean?

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(Kathleen) #7

Hi, @Brian10c! It’s short for The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, which is the 9-month apologetics and evangelism training that RZIM run, which is based in the UK. :slight_smile:

(Aren Zweistra) #8

Thank you Heidi. All Glory to God! We hope to build up our ministry! What is your gift/talent?

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(Aren Zweistra) #9

Thank you Brittany, Yes we see the way how photography and filmmaking can be used for God’s glory. Currently we are making music videos for Christian artists and this is a good way to reach the youth! We also hope to make documentaries or short films with Christian messages to spread the Gospel! We hope to do the same for RZIM in Oxford. We’ll see! What are your gifts / talents?

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(Brittany Bowman) #10

I’m still trying to figure out my talents, Haha. I do enjoy writing and communications of various sorts, just looking for a realistic job of that sort now. :wink:

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(Heidi Mitchell) #11

Hi Aren! @ArenZw
I’ve taken those tests to try to find out :slight_smile: - I like to welcome people, help them feel included and noticed.
Also- compassion - I want to help alleviate the pain (emotional or physical) that people face…maybe one day would love to be called to serve in a charity/ non profit
Thanks for asking!
As for your gifting … similarly, we support a story telling missionary friend who uses those videography/photography gifts in a similar way … just amazed at how a video/picture can shed light on a person’s story. Such a great tool to help people understand… Thanks for all you guys do!