Arguments we need

Hi what are the points ( arguments , evidence ) we need while talking to an Atheist friend…

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Hi @Jeshuren,

Can you tell us more about what your atheist friend believes? I ask because I think the starting point is to listen to understand how they understand the world we live in.

There are no ‘textbook atheists’ or ‘textbook Christians’ - we share some things in common, but we also have different stories. This means we begin our approach to someone who bears God’s image by seeking to understand them better and building the trust to explore truth together.


He believes in evolution big bang and man is just an star dust or ( stars ) that have people name :sleepy:

Hi Jerard, so what does he see as the meaning of life? Are there any moral causes that he is passionate about?

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Until now he didn’t reply to moral value question but he believe in what Dawkins says. We are dancing by our DNA

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Perhaps you could pursue this line of conversation?

If we are dancing by our DNA, does that imply that our DNA determines everything about us?

[If agreement], Then your DNA causes your thoughts?

[If agreement], then how can you be so sure that your thoughts are rational? How do you decide which chemical reactions within your brain are reasonable and which are not?

In other words, I would recommend continuing to ask more questions about what he believes and how those beliefs support (or don’t support) other beliefs that he has.

Don’t interrogate him! Just be genuinely curious and respectful and seek to understand how he puts it all together.