Arlyn Alfaro

Hi! My name is Arlyn. I am from San José, Costa Rica. I have taken two modules from the RZIM Academy and they have strengthen my faith as I have never imagined. God bless what you do. I honestly believe this is the real way to evangelize in our current society. I hope I can be used by God to help other believe in him and find the same salvation and peace we feel about our spiritual life’s as Christians. I really wished God could give me the chance and strength to devote myself to apolegetics. Maybe some day. Right now I am a happy wife, a very satisfied mother of two kids ( one of them with special needs), we own a Bussiness that is starting and most of my time is invested those areas.

Thanks for creating this space as a community.

I would like to create a topic related to the Homosapiens. Let’s see how it works out. It’s a topic I have been questioning for some time now.



You are most welcome Arlyn @arlynalfaro80
Am so happy to connect with you. How is Costa Rica doing for Christ? Yes. the experiences one gain from RZIM Academy is both priceless and timely. You can be used of God both here and your community. Am looking forward to taking the WHY SUFFERING elective this month in the Academy.

I share in your pain… As I have great interest for those born with special needs. I will Join you in prayers and trust God for the Miraculous in your life, family and business.
We value your questions and will love to hear more from you. Feel free!

Great Grace.


Welcome aboard @arlynalfaro80. So glad that you have been able to participate in the Academy. I hope it has been a blessing for your faith journey. What other elective did you take? The core module in my humble opinion is so valuable for the foundations that it’s sets. So glad that you have been able to take a bit of time to read some posts and get involved. Please participate as often as you were able. God-bless you, your family, and your journey.


Hello, @arlynalfaro80, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: It’s wonderful to have you join us, and it sounds as a mother you have a neat perspective to bring to conversations. I hope you will jump right in with your questions!!

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