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This is Arvind from Muscat, Oman and I would like to enrol for the Core Module but could not do so due to PayPal issues. Instead I would like to use credit card to enrolling! I tried to enroll in the May 2 course as there was an offer but couldn’t do so and later sent couple of mails but didn’t get a response!

Can anyone let me know how to proceed further?


(Brandon Jeffers) #2

Hi @AvisGope,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the registration process. If PayPal is not an option for you or if you’re encountering difficulties paying by that method, you can contact our Prayer and Resources Department by calling 800-448-6766 or 770-449-6766, and we can take your payment information and run your card manually to complete your registration. Sorry for the trouble getting a hold of us! Please let us know if you need any other assistance as well.

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(Arvind Gopalan ) #3

Dear Brandon,
Thank you for the response. The telephone numbers you have mentioned is international toll free number? Any numbers to be prefixed ? Do let me know

(Kathleen) #4

Hi, @AvisGope! It’s an American number so it’s prefixed with a 1. So, for example… +1-770-449-6766. :slight_smile:

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(Brandon Jeffers) #5

That’s correct! The country code for the USA is 1. My experience has been that 800 numbers don’t work very well outside of the US, but the local 770 number should hopefully work for you.

(Arvind Gopalan ) #6

Thanks Brandon! Is it a toll free number?

(Brandon Jeffers) #7

Neither one is an international toll free number (the 800 number is only toll free within the US I believe). Sorry!